Ron Lorenzana aka DOOM @rondoings is an artist and designer from the Philippines.
This video was shot in 2016.

I’ve asked Ron if I could shoot him quite a few times. For what purpose I don’t know.
I just always tell him that I’d like to do a film of him.

Sometimes I would ask him questions about his work, his childhood or teenhood.
We would talk about our common friends, our interests.
Sometimes I would have really deep and meaningful conversations with Ron,
like that one time he had to drive me but we stopped for a smoke around a village under the shade of a tree,
staring at his ‘dream house’, talking about our existence and where we’d like our future selves to be.
I cherish that rare moment, because sometimes we don’t even talk at all.
We just hi-hello.

He’d show up for a few minutes and then leave, always up to something, always in a rush.
Sometimes we hype each other up about our creative ideas and give positive words of support to each other,
"Push yan! Go lang Nina!", he’d say.

Ron and I are not the closest of friends, but there are moments when we’d talk
and we’d just have that deeper understanding of what the other is going through.
On being a parent, on being a partner, on being an artist,
on what kind of life we want to live.

He told me once before I left that he wanted to live by the sea.
He now lives by the see and it looks like a happy place to be.

Little Rascal Productions
February 2016
Directed + Shot + Edited by