/Kabak Gunung
(Climb The Mountain)

About the music:
Kabak Gunung (Climb The Mountain) is about the releasing of your own anger, resentment, and frustrations when life happens and the expectations we set for ourselves are not met. Most of us feel that climbing the mountain and reaching the peak is daunting but in reality, it is falling down, breaking our bones, failing, and not being able to move forward on the way up that scares us.

About the musician:
Nidusmas is a musician from Dungun, Terengganu in Malaysia. For him, Music is a fertile soil where you can plant seeds and share the fruits to everyone. He creates music digitally from home.

Filmed, Edited, Graded by Kaizerine

Live performance for Artivism 4.0:
“Outside-in: Artivism Iloilo goes online in UNCOVering IDiopathy.
For our fourth year event this coming March 16-20, 2021 we invite you to commemorate with us the anniversary of the quarantine.
Artivism Iloilo will put together a set of curated streaming events with our diverse range of artists, musicians, performers and speakers -
from the Philippines and the world - as they share and express their thoughts with life in time of the pandemic.
Together we break walls and enrich our connectivity through active engagement within our online community.”
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