For the time, Being

For The Time, Being

Kaizerine Dela Cruz | 8'26'' | Philippines #filmpantoum

An amusing vignette of the life journey of chickens.
A man discovers an unusual box while out gardening.
In an attempt to open the box, he loses his senses
and ends up consumed by his curiosity.
A tree growing from a kitchen drain,
a lotus flower blossoming from the mud, specimens in a jar,
a man battling unseen demons, and transiting journeys--
montages of life's resilience are depicted in this short.
The narrator reflects on her ability to recognize herself,
her memories, and her relationships through
the passing of time in this poignant short film pantun.

A collection of pantun short films by Kaizerine Dela Cruz
As part of the Film Pantun workshop held by SeaShorts Film Society
under the guidance of veteran Filipino filmmaker Khavn De La Cruz
and four special guest speakers, the participants reflected on the
notions of contemporary cinema together;
probe new possibilities of filmmaking;
and undergo a rigorous creative process in making a
film-pantun which was then exhibited to the greater public.

They have been screened at Seashorts Film Festival 2021 Opening Program: Structures Of Feeling: Letters From A Young Poet
as well as at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (Intl. Short Film Festival Oberhausen) New Poetic Cinema Channel.

They’ve also been featured a CNN Life Philippines article: